Call “primary headache disorders,” meaning the headache isn’t a symptom of some other health issue. The major ones: migraine nearly 30 million americans are afflicted with this most common form of disabling headache. It tends to run in families, and some patients have them 16 times a month or more, says neurologist seymour diamond, executive chairman of the national headache foundation. buy viagra without prescription More often, patients have two to four a month. viagra pills Migraine is linked to hormonal changes; 70 percent of sufferers are women. Once a migraine is triggered, a series of brain activities begins that diamond describes as a “spreading wave over the cortex,” the nerve tissue covering the outer part of the brain. best generic viagra reviews The wave, he says, is a depression of electrical activity that excites the trigeminal nerve, the largest cranial nerve, which monitors pain. african american actor viagra commercial That signals blood vessels on the affected side of the brain, causing them to dilate and contract, and to press painfully on nerve receptors. viagra canada That’s why “migraines are commonly on one side. price for viagra 100mg ” tension headache these occur when the muscles of the scalp or neck tense in response to stress, anxiety, depression or a head injury. color of viagra pill Lipton says tension headaches have pressure on both sides and are not made worse by physical activity, light or sound, unlike migraines. buy viagra online Cluster headache these most painful of headaches occur on one side of the head, often near the eye, and sufferers often have two to 10 attacks a day. viagra canada online “it’s described as a hot poker in the eye, a searing, stabbing, debilitating pain,” says lipton. viagra cost About 80 percent-90 percent of sufferers are male, for reasons unknown, says diamond. color of viagra pill “people get markedly depressed,” he adds. Treatments include triptan medications and high-volume oxygen, steroids and lithium. Biggs, who gets about 15 migraines a month, says her life is full and busy, but she makes time to volunteer with the national headache foundation to try to increase headach.