Remove tiny fragments for evaluation. half life daily viagra Typically at least eight biopsies are performed, four from each side of the prostate. generic viagra without prescription These biopsies are sent to a lab where a physician will determine if cancer is present. cheap generic viagra livraison If so, they will then determine how aggressive the cancer is. A scoring system, called the gleason score, assigns the cancer a number from 2 – 10, with 2 being a less aggressive cancer, and 10 being a more aggressive cancer. What is early-stage or low-risk prostate cancer? For truly early-stage disease, you must have a very low risk of cancer being outside of your prostate. This risk can be estimated following a review of your records. viagra without a doctor prescription Generally speaking, several important criteria must all be met. viagra cost These include: psa < 10 at most, a small nodule felt in the prostate (stage t1-t2a) biopsy showing a gleason score < 7 the journal of the american medical association recently published a study looking at close to 2,000 men. It showed that for men with low-risk prostate cancer, a prostate seed implant, external radiation, and surgery offered equivalent cure rates. These results typically exceed those found with older technologies such as proton beam radiation. What is intermediate to high-risk prostate cancer? Although surgery (radical prostatectomy) is an effective treatment option for early stage prostate cancer, it becomes less effective as the risk of cancer having spread beyond the prostate increases. It is difficult for surgeons to completely remove the cancer once it has grown beyond the confines of the prostate gland. Several factors can potentially identify patients who are at a higher risk for having cancer outside the prostate. buy generic viagra online These can include any of the following: psa > 10 a nodule felt to occupy half of the prostate gland or more on physical exam a biopsy showing a more aggressive tumor, with a gleason score > 6 a biopsy showing cancer invading around the small nerves in the prostate (perineural invasion) multiple positive prostate biopsies what do you do once diagnosed with prostate cancer? buying generic viagra online If the biopsy shows the presence of prostate cancer, the next step is to determine how much cancer is present and to make. generic viagra lowest prices generic viagra best prices